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Say Goodbye to Dry, Chapped, and say HELLO to smooth, supple lips!


BeauteHacks Lip Mask was designed to naturally repair and condition lips overnight. Need extra moisture? Constantly suffering from chapped lips? BeauteHacks Lip Mask is just what your lips needs


What it is: Sleeping Lip Mask formulated with a number of natural powerhouse ingredients to improvde the appearance of dry, chapped lips!



✔ Locks in moisture.

✔ Softens & smoothens lips.

✔ Improves the appearance of dry, chapped lips.

✔ Protects lips against the effects of free radicals.

✔ Creates a moisture barrier for intense hydration that lasts!


Why Choose Our Lip Mask?

We wanted to create a sleeping lip mask with ingredients that are 100% safe & natural. Our lips mask is 100% cruelty free and absolutely 100% free of harmful chemicals, including parabens and sulfates!


This Lip Mask Includes: Lip Mask + Lip Brush 


Order Your Lip Mask Now and Say Goodbye to Dry, Chapped Lips!


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